My Pole Journey

I'm Lyndal Marwick. As a teacher I offer a personalised approach to your pole fitness lessons. My work with you centres around pole dance, and also includes other modes of working to enhance your progress.

I've been training as a pole dancer since 2012 and have gone on to compete and perform professionally. I really believe in the power of movement to enhance your quality of life and my motto is: 'If you don't move it, you lose it!'

Prior to pole dancing I was  working as an actress/physical theatre performer. After a few months of pole dancing I was auditioning successfully for my acting jobs, because my strength, energy and overall improved  physicality stood out. I now really enjoy helping other women to feel empowered and confident from where I teach in Highgate, north London.

What I love about pole fitness is that you're not counting calories, you're having fun, becoming fit and learning how to move your body in new ways.