Pole Fitness Tuition and Home Pole Installation Service

Do you want exercise to be fun, creative and effective? You can expect to look and feel stronger and more toned when you practise pole fitness regularly. Being able to lift yourself up physically helps you to lift yourself up in other areas of your life. Build your confidence by learning to move your body in new ways. 

Join our online community and learn pole fitness from the comfort of your home.

Full home pole installation service available- no drilling into the ceiling is required and the poles are simple and safe to put up and take down.


Useful Information

. It is the skin that grips the pole. . Leggings and t'shirts are too slippery.

. The legs, arms and often the belly need to be bare so you can grip the pole.

. Wear shorts + sports bra with leggings + top for warm-up. . You'll soon overcome any body self consciousness.

. Avoid moisturising your body the day of your pole lesson, otherwise your skin will be too slippery.

. Remove your jewellery.

'Lyndal is super lovely! We were a bit unsure of what to expect however she is so welcoming. We'd never done any pole fitness before and she got us off to a flying start with the basics and we definitely improved by the end of the session. I would highly recommend it.' (Katy)