'I've lost weight and I'm

more confident.'

(Mandy, lawyer)

'I can't wait to do more if I'm honest...I'm happier within myself.' (Callie, architect) 

'Classes with Lyndal have really helped me with my confidence.' (Thea, yoga instructor)

"I have had private lessons with Lyndal in the lead up to my first pole performance, and the progress I have made, in fitness, strength and confidence is amazing! Everyone should try this, it's life changing!"  (Karlyn)

'I've gotten stronger without having to run on a treadmill or do a whole load of push-ups-it's been creative-I'm a lot less stressed.' (Kelly, PA)

'It's a really good all around workout-it's brilliant-it's so exciting-you learn something-it's just fantastic-so much fun.' (Bonnie, IT)

'You've given me my

confidence back-I'm capable of more than I thought-I'm so excited to come every week and I'm grinning when I leave.' (Rosemary, ex police detective + fibromyalgia sufferer)

'What I really like is how she broke it down-I felt really safe.' (Vanessa, events)

'If I can do it at my age, starting at 50, anyone can do it.' (Fran, corporate governance officer)

'I feel like there's been a lot of progress-I've been doing tricks that I never thought I could do-you surprise yourself with the stuff you do.' (Zeta, film maker)

"I've just got in from my first pole dancing session by Lyndal!! Oh my! Super amazing and I recommend EVERY SINGLE woman to go and see her!! She's fantastic." (Katerina)

'I've learned some beautiful new skills,

a way of expressing myself.' (Akeem, banker)

"I am an advanced level pole dancer and I have to tell you: the lesson was great! Lyndal is so entertaining and a very good teacher! Highly recommended!"  (Giuseppina)